Welcome to the Mullaloo Squash Club website.

Rates & Hours

Opening Hours
Mon - Thu 9am-10pm
Fri   9am - 7pm
Sat  9am - 5pm
Sun 10am- 12noon

Mon - Fri
9am - 5pm  $25.00 per hour  $14 1/2 hour   
4:30 - 5:30 $30.00 per hour   

Mon - Fri 

5pm -close $35.00 per hour   $16 1/2 hour
Sat, Sun & p/hols 
$30.00 per hour  $16  1/2 hour

Member Training
$10.00 per person before  5pm
$12.50 per person after    5pm

Racquet & Glasses hire
$5.00 per item

$5.00 (you keep the ball)

Sat 9am - 12 noon
$15.00 per child includes racquet, safety glasses and sausage sizzle lunch.

Designed for all age groups and all levels. Great fun for everyone with
coaching, to train, teach, encourage and inspire the youngsters.
Finished off with a sausage sizzle lunch.

Social Round Robins  $10 Members
$15 Casuals  
Mon  7.30-9.30pm   
Wed  8.00-10.00pm 
Sat    2.00- 4.00pm
Sun  10am - 12noon

Open to club members and casual players. All levels catered for, very social
competition. Meet new people and improve your game.

Membership / Social Membership
Membership to Mullaloo Squash Club is $100.00 per year (prices may vary).
If you wish to play in the WA pennant league, WA Squash charges about $150.00 per year (prices may vary).
Club and social membership entitles you to a discounted round robin and training rate of $10.00 pp and $12.50 pp after 5pm
If you are playing a non member, they will be charged the applicable standard rate.

If you are interested in improving your game with one on one coaching we have excellent
coaches who work from the centre. Ask for details at the counter.

WA Squash Pennants
Various night and day competitions exist. Enquire at the desk for more details.

Highly Strung Racquet Restringing Service  (members get $5 off)
Technifibre     $45.00
Supernick       $40.00
Nylon             $35.00

Synthetic Gut   $40.00

Standard nylon  $40.00
Single string      $5.00

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