Welcome to the Mullaloo Squash Club website.

Hall of Fame

              Debbie and Dean Brown (proprietors)
Club Captains
                        Glen Mathew (mens)                                  Lyn Moffat (Ladies)
Club Champions

          2013 Sam Brown, Linda Towill                               2012&2011 Sam Brown, Linda Towill                      2010/09 Sam Brown, Jodie Girando
       2008/07 Patrick Woods, Jodie Girando                     2006 Cindy Meintjes, Patrick Woods                       2005 Patrick Woods, Cindy Meintjes

     2004 Cindy Meintjes, Patrick Woods                         2003 Richard Slim, Jodie Girando                              2002 Mike Fowlds, Jodie Girando

           2001 Jodie Girando, Kane Fasolo                              2000 Ayaz Khan, Robin Kierse                                  1999 Phil Butler, Linda Towill
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